1 Universidad Miguel Hernandez (SPAIN)
2 Universidad de Valencia (SPAIN)
About this paper:
Appears in: INTED2012 Proceedings
Publication year: 2012
Page: 2599 (abstract only)
ISBN: 978-84-615-5563-5
ISSN: 2340-1079
Conference name: 6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 5-7 March, 2012
Location: Valencia, Spain
According to Bologna’s Declaration (1999), we should adapt our syllabus to conform ourselves to the European Area for Higher Education. One of the most important changes produced to our syllabus by the Declaration is that student is the responsible of his own knowledge.
The Bologna Plan has allowed a shared European higher education policy to be formed, with the collaboration of educators, students, experts and politicians from 46 countries over a 20 year period. It is the result of an extraordinary convergence effort that is turning Article 149 of the Constitutional Treaty of the European Community into a reality, which "will contribute to the development of a quality education system, promoting cooperation among Member States".
Bologna´s declaration in 1999 started a new process of changes and amortization of Europe University System to adapt them to the European Area for Higher Education. It involves a huge structural and methodological change in our syllabuses which main aim is to increase the responsibility of the student in his own learning.
One of those changes includes tutorials to discuss particular thematic of the matters in order to facilitate the understanding, the knowledge of the practical implications of the subject and the acquisition of different skills, the motivation of the student for the knowledge.
In normal practice, students receive some theoretical and practical concepts. At the end of practice or theorical period, students are evaluated by solving an exam about knowledge acquired during lessons.

The aim of this work is to evaluate the exploit of classes by student using a comparison in final marks obtained, doing on line test and going to class.

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