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Pages: 6135-6144
Publication year: 2010
ISBN: 978-84-613-9386-2
ISSN: 2340-1117

Conference name: 2nd International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 5-7 July, 2010
Location: Barcelona, Spain


B. Mangada, G. Sanz Espinar

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (SPAIN)
Our aim is to analyze how cultural and intercultural competences may be made explicit in order to be taught, learned and assessed. Basing our work on the distinction (as suggested by Puren, 1998 or the Common European Framework) between cultural knowledge and intercultural skills, which are skills rather than passive knowledge, we will prepare a list of these knowledge and skills, organizing them in an on-line document called “Intercultural e-portfolio: self-fictions and Intercultural Encounters”, the first version of which is now available at http://www.uam.es/elite/eportfolio_interculturel_francophone as part of the work of our research group ELITE*.
The target audience for this portfolio are secondary school students of French as a second language. As other portfolios have done, we will present some recommendations for the portfolio’s use as a teaching/learning tool as well as a tool for (self)-assessment.
We will follow the Common European Framework guidelines (and complementary documents) regarding intercultural objectives, such as the ARI portfolio (Autobiographie de rencontres interculturelles), and authors like Byram (1994). The contents of this e-portfolio share a basic structure with other language-culture portfolios, including: biography, skills assessment, a dossier of materials (which includes knowledge of French and Francophone geography/language/literature/arts/way of life - savoir –, as well as intercultural encounters –savoir-faire– and cultural representations, stereotypes, representations of self and other –savoir-être–).


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*This paper is presented within the framework of the project "Towards a transnational Europe: literature and language as spaces for intercultural encounter", granted by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2010 for the research group ELITE “Plurilingualism and Transnational European Literature” based in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
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AU - B. Mangada AU - G. Sanz Espinar
SN - 978-84-613-9386-2/2340-1117
PY - 2010
Y1 - 5-7 July, 2010
CI - Barcelona, Spain
JO - 2nd International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
JA - EDULEARN10 Proceedings
SP - 6135
EP - 6144
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B. Mangada, G. Sanz Espinar (2010) INTERCULTURAL E-PORTFOLIO, EDULEARN10 Proceedings, pp. 6135-6144.