A. Maidan

Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov (KAZAKHSTAN)
Today the highest school of Kazakhstan is not only essential to update the contents of the language learning, but also to introduce new ways to build your communication competence of future specialists in conditions, close to the real conditions of work.Kazakh National Medical university is the best in Kazakhstan , and the secret of it success- everyday's development.

The trilingual system is very necessary as for future doctors, as for locals.
Unfortunately it was really difficult for our students to speak frequently in 3 languages- kazakh, english and russian. Some of our students were born in villages, so that they speak better in kazakh, others in city - their advantage is russian and finally english, which knew only 5-10 % of our university.
Decision of this problem clarified when we started to use IELTS system. As you know it is very popular system to determine your english level exactly - but an inspiration we got while studied in courses of preparing for IELTS.

This unique system consists of 4 parts, let me ,please, give you examples of their's using.
Listening- preparing a video for every group individually in those language which is more necessary for them, one more advantage in this case- really modern videos can be showed, with european point of view, for instance.

Reading method is more indeed in education: teacher should prepare the text of new theme and make a test for exactly this text - so that students get knowledges, learn language and teacher is improving too.

Writing and Speaking are estimated higher than other sections because it is more difficult to express your feelings and , moreover, medical terms in other language. Writing of essays and preparing of interesting presentation with a little publication require really high level of language
In conclusion, as it is always said-" To have another language is to possess a second soul" , so that, do everyone need to possess it too?