M. Macintyre1, Y. Kunter2, A. Macintyre3, C. Martin1

1University of Warwick (UNITED KINGDOM)
2Independent (UNITED KINGDOM)
3Royal Holloway, University of London (UNITED KINGDOM)
Play, Learn, Transform.

This play workshop will help you demystify how to teach creativity. Principally focused at how to utilise play as a pedagogical approach to enhance playfulness in practice for higher education, the techniques in this workshops spans primary secondary and tertiary learning. We have delivered play workshops in Hong Kong, Turkey, USA, India, Thailand and UK. We have also delivered to MSc students, Professional and Execs from business, school children and kindergarten.

The workshop will be led by Yesim Kunter, Mairi Macintyre, Celine Martin and Amber Macintyre a UK based team with International reach.

“We were taught so little, yet we learned so much”