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E. Lukasik, M. Skublewska-Paszkowska

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
The assessment of students’ learning process is an indispensable element of their higher education. It may be done by using pen and paper. However, in the world of developing IT technologies many new opportunities have arisen. E-learning platforms have the possibility of performing online tests and queries which are valuable as teacher equipment. Many parameters of the tests can be easily set, such as the number of questions in each paper, the order of displaying the queries or the passing threshold. Nowadays, there are more and more computer science systems for assigning the knowledge from a particular subject, even language programming. These platforms may verify not only a solution in the way of source code, but also its accuracy as well as time and number of operations. Access to the test may be limited by time and equipment. These platforms may become a useful tool in the evaluation process of ICT students, for programming languages and algorithms and data structure.

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the various forms of exams for the first degree students at the Lublin University of Technology using a survey conducted among the exam’s participants. The tests were in four forms: an open question from the theoretical part of the exam, a test with multiple answers, a problem to solve and a problem to solve using a platform. New equipment for the evaluation of students competence will be presented.