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E. Lukasik, M. Skublewska-Paszkowska

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
Nowadays higher education cannot rely only on theoretical knowledge passed in the walls of the universities. Increasing demand for the highly qualified employees in computer science sector needs a strongly cooperation between universities and ICT companies. The collaboration ought to be long-term and properly defined. The basic knowledge at higher university conveyed to students has to follow Computer Science Curricula 2013. This document also specifies the need of practical trainings for students. It is extremely important for them to gained soft skills and personal attributes which are very desirable in their future companies. The aim of this paper is to prove the defined thesis: “workplace training increases the graduates qualification on ICT market”. The article describes the student support in education at Lublin University of Technology in Poland, mainly focused on internships in ICT companies realized as a part of European project. It was possible mainly due to the long-lasting university-industry cooperation. Two surveys had been conducted for the purpose of the research. The first one was dedicated for students who participated in three-month internships. They have assessed the internship. The surveys concerned also the competences that students achieved during the training. The competences are divided into two parts: soft and the professional one. The second survey was about the assessment of student’s competences evaluated by their supervisors from ICT industry. The surveys clearly indicates the lack of IT student’s competences gained during higher education process.