B. Lopez-Ruiz1, E. Lopez-Cabarcos1, M. Molina2, C. Rueda1, M. Sanchez-Paniagua1, C. Sainz1, P. Sevilla2

1Universidad Complutense de Madrid (SPAIN)
2Universidad Complutense de Madrid, IEM-CSIC (SPAIN)
Development of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has introduced in our classrooms new tools in the teaching-learning process based in a more realistic use of new technologies and sharing master class with many other utilities what make students to acquire their capabilities easily and quickly. In this current setting students and teachers in Pharmacy and Optics and Optometry studies have to overcome a lot of difficulties. On one side General Physics, Physical-Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry are subjects that need argumentation based on theories and equations, mathematical treatment of experimental data and understanding of scientific methodology. This is not easy for our students because is something that can not be acquired on hours or days but during long time just going deep in knowledge. On the other side there are a lot of traditional materials for studying science but few developments in modern materials to be used with tablets, phones or computers.

New materials must be enough attractive to achieve success and become usual equipment in students learning tools. Besides this, they must provide a real scientific way of knowing to make students achieve their academic abilities. Master lectures are, nowadays, only a part of teaching that must be complemented with many and diverse learning tools.

The aim of this study is the presentation of a new project that will develop new and modern tools based on electronic methodologies for the teaching-learning process. This new tools will belong to Pharmacy and Optics and Optometry studies teach in the Complutense University in Madrid. Our work includes the elaboration of several educational videos where student will have, in a short time (5 to 10 minutes) explanation and response to typical exam questions. We will design the best strategy that will permit us to present the students examples of characteristic subjects of the abilities they must acquire.

We are confident in the success of this new tool for the understanding of scientific subjects in our Faculties.