M. López de Asiain Alberich1, P. Pérez del Real2

1Universidad de Colima, Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño (MEXICO)
2Seminario de Arquitectura y Medioambiente, Seville (SPAIN)
Green Building Challenge Spain (GBC Spain) is currently carrying out studies with the aim of adapting the LEED indicators system to the situation and the general building conditions of the Spanish territory. Some other measurement rating systems such as Breeam, HQL or different Spanish Sustainability Guides are also quite interesting on their particular proposals for Spain although they need to be adapted in depth.

The case of Andalusia is particularly outstanding due to the widely spread and generalized use of traditional building systems. Trying to adapt any of these measurement rating systems would need a special effort and should be understood as an opportunity of building an educative tool for practitioners and architects in general. For this reason, this paper presents a study based on a detailed analysis of the indicators within different systems and guides and their possible adaptation or revalorisation in order to adjust to the local characteristics of the building sector in Andalusia. A, a restructuration is made for the revaluation of these indicators according to the surrounding conditions, in such a way that it is in agreement with the ideal of environmental construction, and ultimately, of sustainable building.
The final proposal is developed as an online tool that can be used for educational o professional purpose.