An improvement in the international competitiveness of universities is promoted by the European Space of Superior Education (ESSE) [1]. New methodologies are being implemented at universities to lead students in a polyvalence, team work and adaptability required by the industry [2]. The continuous advances in new materials, denominated composite materials, make possible new application and therefore new skills demanded to the students after finishing their degrees. In addition, the electronic platforms install by the universities since a few years are helpful to develop guided virtual activities. ILIAS, the web platform used at the University of Jaén, gives e-learning tools for creating activities designed by the instructors and therefore a feed back of their knowledge in real time.

In the present study is established a serial of activities included in Mechanical Engineering Degree. The students are introduced in the field of composite material. After each theoretic chapter taught with traditional methods, they use the virtual material provided to manufacture the materials using different techniques such as manual, vacuum and infusion. Thus the students test the specimens prepared by their own and compare results establishing different parameter during the manufacturing process. Moreover they could compare their results using simulation software. The main objective will be to lead students’ self-learning and to assess the competences acquired following the complete process that normally is used in the industry, performing first analytical solution, manufacturing, testing and validation with simulation The results are validated due to the motivation expressed by the student in this new fields translate to the quality of the home work performed and their opinion after the methodology was apply.

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