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P. Lois, M. Iacovidou

University of Nicosia (CYPRUS)
The study assesses the satisfaction and the quality perceptions of students of the accounting programme at private Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus. The main areas of investigation are 1) Programs and courses of study 2) Teaching and Learning Process 3) Students Support Services 4) Student Examination and Assessment 5) Teaching and Learning Facilities 6) Buildings and general Facilities and 7) Competency of the Lecturers and the Students. Selected personal variables such as age, gender, level of study have been investigated providing further analysis to the findings of the research. The purpose of this paper is to address student expectations and performance perceptions in order to measure their satisfaction and perceptions of the quality of their educational experience. The findings may become the basis for identifying and prioritizing quality improvements action needed by the institution, thus improving student satisfaction and providing a fertile ground for further research.