This paper aims to present the Support System for Teaching Fractions - SAE-FRA, designed in game mode, which allows the teacher to work in an innovative way the concepts of fractions. It is emphasized the importance of the educational use of technology combined with the various areas of knowledge and applied in a playful environment for teaching and learning in the classroom. SAE-FRA aims to assist students in teaching fractions, using as reference the educational game called FRAC-SOMA. FRAC-SOMA consists of a set of 235 pieces divided into 18 bars of different sizes and different color providing the children to build combinations to create concepts for manipulating fractions. Thus, the aim is to provide a tool that allows a more attractive display of content, providing a more appropriate contact of the student with the technology and encouraging them to deepen their knowledge related to fractions. Finally, it is emphasized that the use of technology in the classroom can not be separated from good planning. It is hoped that the presentation of this work contributes for aggregating thoughts and ideas regarding the use of technology and relationships with the various areas of knowledge such as subsidy pedagogical practice, providing a quality teaching and learning and consistent to advances of society.
keywords: fractions, games.