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F. Lezcano, R. Casado-Muñoz, V. Abella, J.L. Cuesta

Universidad de Burgos (SPAIN)
The University of Burgos is in a process leading to the addition of Moodle as Learning Management System, to support both presential education, and virtual education. The process performed (assessing strengths, weaknesses, risks, benefits of change ...) has been an interesting challenge for managers, technicians, teachers and managers of university education.

The first step was the establishment of a technical and teaching group to study the adaptation of Moodle to the needs of the University.

The first analysis point to the need for intensive training of teachers. For this reason, the Institute for Training and Educational Innovation, in collaboration with the technical and teaching group, has designed and developed a training plan aimed at teachers and students.

In this work we report the main concerns we have raised the situation of change and the detection of the difficulties in training teachers in a B-learning model. We also include the major decisions taken to try to solve these concerns.