C. Leite1, L. Lima1, A. Monteiro2

1CIIE, Universidade do Porto (PORTUGAL)
2Universidade do Porto (PORTUGAL)
The introduction of the e-learning in the blended mode is a reality in many portuguese institutions of higher education, being this introduction often justified or accompanied by the speech that has been run by the assumptions of the Bologna process.
In the belief that the b-learning tools may facilitate this process, but do not ensure by itself that there are actually changes in the ways that teachers work pedagogically, we questioned , through interviews, teachers of the higher education in various stages of the use of this educational device in order to understand what motivates teachers to use the b-learning, the facilities and difficulties that they have, the possible differences concerning ways of pedagogical work that have developed previously and the role that they attribute to the b-learning when finding educational success and building learning communities.
This report, based on data obtained in the above mentioned search, has, therefore, as a goal to evoke a reflection about the possibilities that the use of b-learning can offer in order to configure learning with quality and where students are co-authors of their own training.