C. Lázaro Guillamón1, S.M. Alvarán López2

1Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
2Universidad Nacional de Colombia (COLOMBIA)
A university research in high education teaching, carried out through the project titled ‘Implementation of a model of continuous assessment in the new law degrees with the utilisation of a blended learning system’ developed by some of the authors of this proposal, it was confirmed that students had a considerable degree of mistrust and insecurity onto his own job, also about the management of their own learning and many doubts about the effective acquisition of knowledge and skills too.
Members of the project team have raised, as a result of the study, the following questions:
Where is the cause of this lack of confidence? How to encourage the self-confidence in learning? Should we define a new skill to evaluate? self-confidence. To answer these and other questions is the substantial target of a new research project in high education. This new project is based on the effective degree of mistrust and insecurity as is verified in a high percentage of students. Because of these results, several solutions are proposed regarding the improvement in the building of self-knowledge and the self-assessment of the construction process itself.