J. Lavendels1, V. Sitikovs1, J. Steinmanis2

1Riga Technical University (LATVIA)
2Latvian Maritime Academy (LATVIA)
Distance learning is essential part of modern training form and it is constantly developing in terms of two related trends:
• in terms of student-teacher collaboration in order to provide comfort for members during virtual lesson;
• in terms of perfecting technically-methodical solutions enabling the teacher to successfully present his/her listeners with lecture material and interact with listeners during performing practical tasks.
This paper is devoted to description of environment for distance lessons, suitable for both remote lectures and hand-on trainings for mastering of particular software products.
Proposed solution is based on interception of student’s remote session on the server by teacher having administrator’s rights. As a result it is managed to create a virtual computer with two sets of controls – two keyboards, two mice, two screens. One control set is located on the teacher’s side and the other – on the student’s side. That gives the ability to teacher and student to share the same instance of software product under study.
This solution is applicable to provision of distance learning to various groups of rural residents, and only in specific cases a dedicated moderator, who knows how to start a virtual lesson on the side of auditorium and provides “microphone services” in a large auditorium, is needed.
First application of described solution was done within distance learning course for rural teachers mastering learning management system Moodle. The paper presents details of implemented course and analysis of after-study survey of course’s participants.