L.E. Lara

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (MEXICO)
Students wrote a short essay the first day of class... It was later contrasted with a final essay. The surprise started for the students while doing the final essay because they noticed and affirmed their obtained learning.

What happened in the meanwhile?
During the first semester the readings, texts sent via e-mail, class discussions, debate of films, visits to specific sites, links to pages of the newspaper El Pais, and of magazines such as Letras Libres, made possible that we worked on conceptual and meaningful learning.

For the second semester students investigated a topic of their choice and a country of interest. They used the concepts learned during the first semester and the atmosphere was of continuos learning.

The way of reporting and disclosure were "flashes" broadcasted via facebook, where the cyber discussion was possible. In the classroom, especially from the discussion of various readings, the students were actually doing the class themselves. They invariably expressed their posture and their experiences in everyday life, both familiar and personal.

The experience reported a journey of significant learning that influenced the students' everyday being and doing. It is also important to notice the interest paid to the cyber discussion which, given the means employed, was able to be done correspondingly and even simultaneously with the current ways of communication for young people.

They are "multitask": they send messages, interact via facebook, listen to music, talk on the phone and learn.

Some students reported that in their homes, their parents questioned them about the time spent on the computer. They had to show and explain that it really was academic work.

The use of cyber media for academic issues seems to be in doubt for many. However, reality shows and proves its effectiveness and attractiveness, especially for young people.