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V. Lally, A. Aljaber

Glasgow University (UNITED KINGDOM)
This paper explores the reality of the use of smartphone Apps for learning purposes in university. One of the most significant recent developments in education is the use of learning applications. Smartphone Apps are increasingly becoming an important aspect of the faculty members and students’ lives. Therefore, the reality of using smartphone Apps for learning and teaching is a rapidly evolving area. Nowadays numerous applications have been developed for use by smartphone beneficiaries. The applications are designed to help the student and instructors improve and develop educational process.

The paper highlights case studies of smartphone Apps in the case study university and discussed with the study sample during the interviews, at their normal place of work with deans, faculty members and students. It is presented in the form of four themes: These include smartphones applications, the Successes, problems and difficulties and future work. Which arose from answers given to the interview questions link it with literature review. Approval was obtained for this study. All the interviewees in the study were staff, worked in the University or students in the University.