M. Kutaj1, L. Mariš1, R. Ščurek2

1University of Zilina (SLOVAKIA)
2Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Safety Engineering (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Education plays an important role both in the social integration of man and in the integration of modern technologies into society. The development of modern technologies is progressing through milestones and today technologies are a regular part of our lives. The article focuses on security systems, specifically on municipality surveillance systems used to increase citizens' sense of security as well as to detect illegal activity of offenders. The municipal surveillance system can also be perceived as a form of prevention and its presence may discourage the offender from committing an illegal activity. Surveillance systems have become an integral part of many cities and they are constantly expanded and modernized. The main aim of the article is to highlight the issues related to education of municipal police officers in the field of municipal surveillance systems. Municipal police is established by city council and its activities, rights and duties are specified in the law. The law also regulates the field of education of municipal policemen. Education in the form of professional training is covered by the Ministry of the Interior and carried out at police schools and in special training facilities in selected municipalities. Professional training is divided into a theoretical and practical part, none of it is focused on security systems. With the expansion and modernization of surveillance systems, the requirements for operator knowledge are also increasing. Municipal police officers in the role of operators have only basic knowledge in the field of surveillance systems. The article describes the possibilities for improving the professional training of municipal police officers in the field of surveillance systems, and also points to the need for continuous education and the constantly improving of knowledge in the field of surveillance systems. The results and conclusions of the article can serve as the basis for an amendment to the law and can be used for development of educational plans for municipal police.