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M. Kumisbayeva

Kazakh-British Technical University (KAZAKHSTAN)
Learning a foreign language is a compulsory component of a specialist’s training at Kazakh-British Technical university. In average, students of our three faculties learn it for the first two years of their study at the university. The profile of the educational establishment and the students’ future profession determine the content of the foreign language teaching and its curriculum. According to the competence approach of training specialists at the university the students should obtain knowledge and skills in such a unity which would provide them an ability to function successfully in the professional and social environments. Therefore the purpose of teaching a foreign language at the university is to contribute to the development of the students’ professional competence through cultivating sociolinguistic skills as well as communicative strategies conditioned by different professional and personal interrelations.
During 2 years students of our University learn General English, Academic English, Business English and Professional English.
Each course is designed to help the students develop their English language competence for their current academic studies. Each course is focused on developing Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills and provides opportunities for building up vocabulary and improving grammar.
The Listening module represents a wide variety of speech situations, both formal and informal.
The Reading module covers different styles and topics and a full range of reading skills, including prediction, skimming/scanning, distinguishing fact from opinion, etc.
The Speaking Module is aimed at helping students demonstrate fluency and coherence, a wide range of vocabulary and grammar, and acceptable pronunciation, as well as express and justify their opinions, compare, contrast, speculate, etc.
The purpose of Writing is to develop EFL competence and proficiency in descriptive report writing. The course is designed for students of English who wish to develop analytical writing skills. Students will learn to generate and express ideas clearly and accurately. They will be taught how to write descriptive reports based on graphic or pictorial information and organize information in accordance with the IELTS format.
At the end of the 2d year students of our University should be able to pass IELTS with 6.0 and higher.