S. Kučina Softić 1, J. Lasić-Lazić2, V. Tropša2

1University Computing Centre University of Zagreb (CROATIA)
2University North (CROATIA)
E-learning and competencies necessary for its quality realization and learning outcome, through such a form of education, in the last two years have been discussed throughout all disciplines. In these two years, a number of conferences and papers have appeared that, within various approaches and areas, speak and discuss the problem in terms of technology, competencies and results in all disciplines. Apparently, the COVID 19 pandemic, which led to the closure of all educational institutions, forced everyone to move into a new "world" in a very short time, in which digital technologies in education were until then only sporadically implemented. This paper deals with the analysis of the survey on the University North teachers’ attitude towards e-learning technologies in higher education and what digital competencies they need in order to implement e-learning in a quality way in the educational process. The paper also discusses the analysis of results in order to set strategic directions for building a system for teachers’ continuing professional development (CPD). The research indicated which competencies teachers need to be able to implement digital technologies into education and what kind of support teachers need in order to strengthen but also evaluate competencies.

The University North in these two years has provided the necessary steps in line with the strategic goals to provide teachers and students with the opportunity for quality teaching and learning. One of them was establishment of the Center for Digital Competences and E-learning Technologies with aim to provide conditions for the improvement of the quality of educational process and to organize education and training of teachers. Based on the results of the survey, the Center for the Development of Digital Competences and E-learning Technology will plan further activities related to teacher education in application new technologies in education.