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S. Kucina Softic , Z. Martinović, T. Radobolja

University Computing Centre University of Zagreb (CROATIA)
The use of information and communication technologies and e-learning has become a key component of modern education enhancing the new forms of teaching and learning. Existence of user friendly and sustainable virtual environment is one of the most important steps in implementation of the digital technologies. It is important that teachers and students find such environment easily accessible and easy to use. The E-learning Centre at the University Computing Centre SRCE is maintaining and providing virtual learning environment for higher education institutions in Croatia for more than twelve years. Important part of virtual learning environment provided by SRCE is e-learning platform based on the open source system Moodle, tailored and upgraded to the needs of teachers. Along with the e-learning platform, the E-learning Centre provides support and training in the use of digital technologies and how to implement them into educational process. In order to provide modern tools and high quality user support, the E-learning Centre team works with teachers listening to their needs and periodically performing surveys in order to get feedback from teachers and students about their experience with the e-learning platform. This feedback is very valuable and it enables the E-learning Centre team to tailor the support and training for its user upon their needs.

In paper, results from the latest survey on user’s satisfaction with the virtual learning environment and support the E-learning Centre provides will be presented and discussed.