N. Kravchenko, E. Lisichko, E. Postnikova, N. Daneikina

Tomsk Polytechnic University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
This article examines the issues of organization of independent work of engineering students (IWS) in the process of learning physics in electronic environment MOODLE. The technique of blended learning is presented, which aims at developing students' ability to information and cognitive activity that is an essential element of training students, providing fundamental knowledge in relation to the future profession. Learning outcomes, objectives and organization of any IWS is the mastery of fundamental knowledge, expertise, skills and abilities to apply the knowledge and methods of cognitive research. Perfection of IWS and its importance in the educational process is given a lot of attention. One of the features of educational process at the present stage of teaching physics is the existence of various kinds of electronic resources, aimed at self-mastering of the course. The involvement of students in the information-cognitive activity is an essential element of training students, providing expertise on a range of issues related to their professional activities. E-course on Moodle platform allows attracting students to work together in the proposed project or to discuss any issue. In our opinion, blended learning, with proper organization of the work of students in the electronic course is effective.