G. Koziel, T. Szymczyk

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
A rapid technological development in such areas as the internet-, mobile- or cloud-technologies, has caused the lack of specialists on the labor market. IT firms show a large un-met needs in this area. This rises an employment among IT students. A big number of master level students works in full- or part- time position. This phenomenon has positive and also negative aspects. On the one hand students have a possibility to gain practical experience if they are working in IT industry. On the other hand, a job takes a lot of time what makes it more difficult to prepare for lessons.
To assess the influence of students work on their education a research was done. A group of students were surveyed to find what is a percentage of working students, and how the work influences their education process.

During the research we have found that students work phenomenon is important and has to be assessed, because over 80% of students work. This percentage concerns also full time and part time students. Almost all full time students work in IT domain, while about of 20% of part time students work in other branches of industry.

The article assess the influence of students work on the education process.