G. Koukjian

Hamilton College (UNITED STATES)
This proposal is to include Story Boards developed by the presenter in Arabic Instruction. The students will have vocabulary and verb sheets related to every day events. The students will be presented with Story Boards related to every day events as well (i.e. travel vocabulary). Students will have the opportunity to practice their story in class. The different Story Boards will help students develop story lines and practice the vocabulary needed in everyday situations without prompting from the instructor. As a final oral exam, students will go to the language lab where they will be presented with one Story Board (they will not know which one they are getting) and they have to record a 2 minute story without any written support material. This is a very useful tool that helped the Hamilton College students develop their writing and speaking skills and increased their vocabulary tremendously. Examples of students speaking and writing at hand.

The presenter will have examples of story boards and vocabulary lists to share.