I. Kotlyarova1, I. Voloshina1, M. Prohazka2

1South Ural State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2South Bohemian University (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Corporate ethics is a part of organization culture. It provides effective relationships within a firm, establishes the rules of interaction, and enhances organization culture.

Organization culture of a university has a number of features: complexity of the structure, the ambiguity of the person’s social position, and the regulation of mutual relations. However, not all employees understand the ambiguity of the social position within the organization that leads to incorrect behavior, insubordination, conflict, and, in some cases, latent psychological tension.

Another contradiction is that, though, the university should be an organization of high culture, and its employees have to perform cultural and educational functions, the results of the survey show that there are cases of incorrect staff behavior concerning colleagues and students.

Identified contradictions actualize the issue of ethical education of the academic staff. The aim of this paper is to find the principles of the university corporate ethics that should be instilled into the staff, and to determine the organizational and pedagogical measures to do this.

Scientists assume that the causes of the insufficient corporate culture may be rooted in: the absence of organizational ethics; ignorance of cultural norms of communication; non-compliance of personal values of employees to corporate values of the university. Our research and experimental data analysis showed that in big universities the second and third reasons prevail. This is due to the fact, that big universities usually develop policy, mission, program, the Charter, legal and regulatory documents, which set guidelines for the development of corporate ethics. At the same time, the individual characteristics of separate employees can compromise the integrity of corporate ethics of the university. The academic renewal leads to new people at university whose ethical level is not enough for University.

University management has to organize corporate training of the staff in accordance with the norms and values of the organizational culture. The concept of Code of Ethics of the university was defined. The usage of the Code of Ethics at universities was analyzed. The types of ethics relations at the university were identified. The management model of organizing corporate training of the staff includes two groups of measures: measures of organizational and social nature; and activities of psychological and pedagogical orientation. The latter include training courses and self-education of the staff directed to develop corporate ethics.

The study of the professional job functions, duties and competences of the academic staff of universities has disclosed the need to raise the level of the staff corporate culture in the following aspects: the ethics of the relationship with the students on the basis of subject-subject paradigm of pedagogical communication; ethics of communication with colleagues within the department; ethics of communication service units with academic staff; ethics in scientific publications; ethics of intercultural interaction.

For the last 7 years a block of programs of additional training of university staff on the basis of South Ural State University (National Research University) has been implemented. It is aimed at the ethical education of the university staff.