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L. Knapčíková , J. Husár, M. Trojanová, S. Hrehová

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Prešov (SLOVAKIA)
Today, it requires a proactive approach to teaching. The last few months are proof that the traditional way of teaching is no longer enough. Educational organizations have to undergo a digital transformation in education and development. For effective learning, it is necessary to incorporate active teaching methods so that students are directly involved. Teachers know that even though they have interesting topics and rich resource materials, students will not be able to understand the concepts they present without an interactive teaching method. The aim of our paper is the active use of the Learning Management System (LMS) platform for international students studying at the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Prešov of Technical University of Košice (Slovak Republic). The learning management system is ready to provide engaging course content that is available on all devices without the need for any setup. The advantage is that we can enrich the printed material with multimedia content, which in today's digital age will arouse students' interest. It also allows teachers or lectors to provide an interactive assessment to their students and to ensure that they remain active in the educational process when mapping their learning progress. A great advantage for the teachers themselves is the acquisition of statistics and analyzes, which serve for the further improvement of a particular teacher. Thanks to these active learning features, it is impossible for students not to actively participate in the course. The Learning Management System also helps to manage the entire life cycle of the learning and educational process in society, both for teachers and students. They are a unique tool for any educational institution that wants to implement a comprehensive online training program. Students attend courses and send feedback using the LMS interface. A clear advantage is that it allows teachers to monitor students' progress, view analytical data and innovate their curricula to have maximum impact.