L. Knapčíková , M. Trojanová , J. Husár , S. Hrehová 

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with the seat in Prešov (SLOVAKIA)
An important condition for teaching students with a technical focus is the use of activating teaching methods, which, together with the relevant content, participate in the development of students' life skills. Teaching is a process of cooperation between the teacher and the students. The teacher and the student should be active, which presupposes less directive management of students' learning activities. The creativity of the student is associated with his intellectual abilities, which can be developed. It is about intellectual skills: fluency, flexibility, originality, sensitivity, redefinition, elaboration. The development of the student's intellectual skills is possible for teaching each subject. The paper is devoted to an innovative way of teaching the subject "Production Planning" for bachelor degree´ students, focusing on Industrial Management at the Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies. The simulation software Tecnomatix was used in the teaching, which is available to students at the Faculty. The paper aims to point out the effective use of simulation software in teaching, where students have the opportunity to show their skills in planning, management, optimization, whether the material flow, a specific production operation or the entire technological process. The result is building soft skills for students because they work in teams and learn to correctly interpret the conclusions of their tasks and present them to their classmates and teachers. Today, employers are not only interested in knowledge but especially in soft skills. They ask their employees about them. They try to understand how they understand them and use them in the work process. Therefore, students must learn these skills and know-how to use them correctly.