I. Kmecová, T. Staněk

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The paper is focused on a particular analysis of managerial skills of managers in a selected company. Managers at all levels of management should manage their business so that companies thrive and achieve economic growth. An important prerequisite for this includes managers and their managerial skills and management experience being at a high level. Also, in order to be attractive in the labor market, other people need to improve their knowledge and skills. At present, education is generally seen as a lifelong process, which applies to managers as well. Similarly, the importance of education for managers is also emphasized in this respect.

The aim of the paper is a presentation of partial results of a questionnaire survey aimed at finding a specific level of managerial skills and evaluating managerial education. The analyses were based on surveys conducted in a selected company in the Czech Republic.

The following methods and techniques related to the research analysis of management skills were applied: questionnaire method, structured interview method, comparison method. Goodness of fit test (Chi-Square) was selected for statistical evaluation.
The questionnaire survey was used to collect information concerning a certain perception of individual managerial skills, communication issues, management styles and education. Subsequently, using data evaluation methods, the authors demonstrate that the greatest weight in the given company is attributed to managerial communication. Furthermore, there is a comparison between views of managers and employees on different management styles and the level of communication in the company. Additionally, the authors point out that employees have a negative view of how managers communicate and claim that it is necessary to improve communication flows and receive feedback.

In order to develop the paper´s application part, two research problems were formulated:
1. To analyze managerial skills that are considered to be the most important by managers of the selected company.
2. To evaluate the level of managerial education in the selected company.

According to respondents' answers stated in the questionnaire survey, it is clear that most of the analyzed managerial skills and education are seen as essential and are subsequently emphasized and developed in the surveyed company. The results are presented in the paper.
It was also found that businesses typically offer different training to managers as opposed to those they feel would be required. It is therefore necessary to adjust professional education programs for managers.