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I. Kmecová

The Institute of Technology and Business (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The paper is based on a quantitative study using a questionnaire-based survey of respondents - students of the Bachelor´s degree in Business Economics from the university in south Bohemian region in Czech Republic. The survey consists of several questions in area of time management. The research method was the questionnaire method. The survey was conducted with a focus on analysis of personal and professional goals and analysis of time planning.

The questions were developed by the author in the context of time-based planning and management skills, in order to gain feedback from the students of the given college on the level of clear and effective planning with time, setting priorities in the position of a manager. The subject of the survey was to find out the specific situations of the level of planning and management skills of students; the ability to establish priorities and the ability to effectively manage their time.

The benefit of this contribution can be seen in the identification of factors such as decision-making, planning skills in relation to the fulfillment of the set goals and priorities in the personal and working life of second grade students with recommendations to support the further development of managerial skills; time management and planning skills.

In the practical part of the contribution, based on the results of the questionnaire survey, the views and attitudes of the students towards the skills are evaluated according to the Time management method and, on the other hand, the views of the students on the level of time planning in relation to the fulfillment of the stated goals. Statistical characteristics were used to verify the research problems of the first survey.