I. Kmecová

The Institute of Technology and Business (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The paper points to the need to ensure quality preparation of students at schools, which helps them to successfully apply to the labor market. We can better ensure the efficiency of the educational process through the offered quality and applied modern teaching methods and tools. Following this, the students show increased interest in the study and pursuit of better performance. Schools that offer quality, also contribute to the development of student's personality, to develop its core competencies, the total cultivation of personality. The student's ability to work with information is currently considered to be very important for his further work or private life. Each school is responsible for the quality of education and therefore the teacher should work with adequate and truly quality teaching methods and tools.
The theoretical part of the paper describes the quality of education, the teaching methods and outlines the importance of motivation and the position of the teacher as decisive determinants of the educational process. The application part of the paper is devoted to the presentation of the results of the research, aimed at determining the quality of teaching subjects of Management and Mathematics.

Quality of education and educational methods:
The school is a traditional educational institution that promotes the multifaceted development of the student's personality. Schools should increase the quality of education. The output of quality education is the acquisition of skills, key competencies needed for practice.
The quality of the school is determined by the personality of the teachers and by the implementation of modern teaching methods and tools. The teaching methods support important part of the teacher's communication with the students and their choice serves to achieve educational goals.

Evaluation of the quality of education of Management and Mathematics:
Research on the quality of education through questionnaires was carried out in the autumn 2017 at VŠTE in České Budějovice. The paper contains research results aimed at determining the satisfaction of students with the quality of the teaching process of subjects Management and Mathematics. The main aim of the paper is to point out the need not only to use the teaching methods but also to apply them effectively in practice. The aim of the research was to analyze and evaluate the quality of education in the subjects Management and Mathematics. Based on the evaluation of the data, to point out the need to improve the quality of the educational process and to suggest recommendations that contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the teaching process.

In the practical part, there the main goal will be analyzed. The author put the next research problems:
1. To find out which teaching methods the academic worker uses most in the course of the subjects of Management and Mathematics,
2. To identify the views of students on the implementation of teaching methods and their paper (to find satisfaction with applied teaching methods).
3. To identify the views of students in order to improve the learning process.