J. Klindžić1, N. Soldatić2, D. Ristić2, K. Kačapor3, L. Marković2

1Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (CROATIA)
2Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade (SERBIA)
3School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA)
The poster will present a classification of higher education teachers based on their behavior in online learning environment (while teaching and mentoring others). Classification is based on 12+ years of implementation and support of learning management systems experience in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, on higher education institutions from four universities (University of Belgrade, University of Dubrovnik, University of Sarajevo and University of Zagreb). All institutions involved primarily belong to the Humanities and Social Sciences and combined number of teachers using online learning environments and education technologies is around 1400. Teacher types in online learning environment (TTOLE) are classified by: Time Spent (TS), Online Learning Environment Proficiency (OLEP), Peer Cooperation (PC), Self-evaluation (SE) and Activity-Resource Balance (ARB). Using that classification, we were able to describe six distinctive TTOLE with some sub-types present.
keywords: teachers, model, hei.