M. Khond1, R. Patil2, M. Takale3

1College of Engineering, Pune (INDIA)
2Biwarabai Sawant College of Engineering and Research, Pune (INDIA)
3Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Pune (INDIA)
The role of the teacher is considered crucial to effective implantation of any education programme. It has been observed that the knowledge, technical skill, and other personal qualities required in different phases of the teacher‘s career vary with respect to time, as the nature of the duties to be performed and responsibilities entrusted changes. An activity analysis of engineering teachers reveals that the nature of duty at the initial stage of carrier is typically teaching, as time advances teaching component gradually diversified into many other components such as guide, facilitator, counselor, manager and administrator. Because of continuously changing role, the job of technical teacher becomes multidimensional. In order to gratify the need of hour it is indispensable to endow with him enough professional skills and also provide adequate opportunity to gain advance knowledge during his service tenure.
This paper highlights about a strategy of training needs assessment at institutional level, occupational level and individual level.. The five models which are proposed in this paper will definitely useful for subject updating and other development needs of a technical teachers. The guidelines suggested in this papers will be helpful for framing the training programs for any technical institution.