S.A. Khan

Middle East College (OMAN)
The advent of visualization techniques and their use by educators, offer increased potentialities for supporting collaborative learning environments enriched with the development of deeper understanding and problem solving skills. Researchers and teachers have long known that images, diagrams or animations are more powerful than words to assist students to improve performance of learning by adding visual imaginary to their learning activities. Due to the expeditious developments in the computing discipline, both teachers and learners in universities and colleges have experienced challenges in the teaching and learning of number of subjects in computer science major. These include database administration, programming, operating system, network administration and web application development. The contents of these modules demand a practical approach in learning and teaching. This practical approach can include various techniques used not only for present module contents and concepts, but learners also need to involve in various creative activities to learn the complex concepts of the modules in a visual frame of reference. Creative activities in learning give learners a scope for sovereign learning and the imagination of new ideas their own without direction from a teacher. The goal of this paper was to report the teachers’ effort to accelerate students’ learning and enhancing their interest in database administration module through visualization techniques.