G. Keskinkiliç, T. Tafli

Selçuk Üniversitesi (TURKEY)
Scientific attitudes and behaviors catalyze problem solving, knowledge production and the carrying out of the research techniques (Karaasar,2006). These scientific attitudes and behaviors require being open minded, inquisitive, sceptic, creative, patient and enthusiasti. The development of scientific attitudes and behaviors is fundamental for generating people useful to society. How can scientific attitudes and behaviors be developed. In addition to the data in the literature the question “what are the views of the academicians, studying in this field?” is the basic aim of this research. A qualitative research has been made for the aim of collecting data from the academicians about the developing of scientific attitudes and behaviors. The research design is qualitative phenomenological research in nature. Interview technique has been used to collect data from the professionals. The professionals have been asked 5 open ended questions. These questions were; 1. What kind of activities should be used in the class to assure the students to be open minded? 2. Have your students the ability to search logic from the opposing views ( Are they sceptic)? 3. Can your students be independent in thought? What can be made in the educational environment to provide this? 4. What behaviors do you want to be displayed by your students when you give them research paper? What can be done for the students to internalize these behaviors? 5. What other traits define the scientific attitudes and behaviors? In this research 20 professionals’ views have been taken. Content analysis has been made to analyse the data.