B. Kaur

The Open University of Hong Kong (HONG KONG)
The introduction and usage of various different kind of technology in education had been very common in the nursing education program which includes the “Clickers” and “Webcasting” had been one of them. In order to meet up the interest of present student who often seeks revolutionizing design, experiential learning, immediacy and digital literacy and actively engage them in learning, the Open University of Hong Kong had manipulated the usage of “PDA” into the bachelor nursing program. PDA is used in the clinical practicum of the nursing student to mark their accomplishment of their clinical practicum by their Honorary Clinical Tutor (HCT) who is trained hospital mentor for the undergraduate nursing student. A pilot study was conducted on 20 year 2 baccalaureate nursing students on their means of feasibility and satisfaction of using PDA in their clinical practicum. The study shows that the student strongly agreed that the PDA is a comfortable tool that is easy to carry and strongly recommend the university to continue to use it in the future bachelor nursing program.