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C. Kaufmann, A. Mense, H. Wahl

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (AUSTRIA)
The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Technikum Wien offers 15 full-time studies as well as 14 extra-occupational studies.
In these extra-occupational studies the percentage of self-study is significantly higher than in full-time studies because of the abolition of traditional teaching methods. Naturally, part-time students have limited time therefore they sometimes just learn for exams and marking. Knowledge gathered this way is short-living and often forgotten immediately after the exam.

As it has turned out over the last year’s extra-occupational students need different teaching methods which are more focussed on self studying and special course books with self check of the progress. In addition it is important to develop methods forcing the students to work on the course content continually in spite of their scarce time budgets.

The authors have developed a teaching method in which the students on the one hand prepare and present several topics in groups. And on the other hand they get challenged by other students quizzes so they have to work continuously. This cause a continuous engagement with the topic and in some ways a challenge in which the student groups can compete with each other.
Additionally, the acquired knowledge through presentations as well as the quiz questions and answers get persisted made accessible to students on a wiki.

The paper describes how the method works in detail. It discusses the possibilities to measure
the outcome of the method and the students response and feedback.