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S. Katti

Fergusson College (INDIA)
MATLAB is powerful tool for scientific and technical computing. MATLAB is used as a powerful tool for development of educational software for teaching science and technical subjects. This paper presents the Idea of using built in functions in MATLAB such as differentiation, Integration along with Matrix operations, and 2D plots, for development of simulation software. This software could be used for teaching continuous control modes such as Proportional control, Integral Control, Derivative Control, Proportional Derivative Control, Proportional Integral Control and PID control, the best of all control modes. Mathematical equations used to describe these modes have been solved using MATLAB programs. Separate algorithms and MATLAB programs have been developed for all these control modes. 2D plots have been generated for visualization of controller output. After teaching Process Control modes in the s room, this software was demonstrated to the students and students were asked to develop the programs for all control modes. This exercise was very much fruitful. When students actually developed simulation programs, the grasping and understanding of the subject was more easy and quick for them. Students could then easily make out the difference between different controls modes. To understand the concept of composite control modes such as PD, PI and PID, and the difference between these control modes was very difficult during class room teaching. Simulink facility available in MATLAB could also be used to simulate control modes, but when students develop their own programs they become more confident. These programs could be used to control the speed of DC motor, Temperature control etc. This would make the subject more interesting and provide more technical knowledge of the subject.