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S. Katti, D. Dhainje, N. Kamble

Fergusson College (INDIA)
Computer based teaching and learning has become important and necessary component of today’s education system around the globe. In this technological Era use of computers in teaching and learning science and technological subjects is not a beyond the reach of many educational Institutes in India. But use of computers as a tool for learning and teaching languages and humanity is till considered as a dream because of two reasons. The first reason is requirement of huge funds. The second reason is because of less job opportunities in these fields number of students taking admission to these streams is declining day by day. To attract the students to these streams use of languages in technological world must be encouraged and supported. This could be achieved by introducing low cost technological portable devices in Learning, assessment and evaluation process.

Present paper discusses one of the possible solutions to the problem by introducing low cost smart learning devices in language education. Embedded system based MCQ tests and True/False question answers and evaluation technique has been developed for the Marathi Language. This device would not only help the students to know the score but would provide the correct answer to the question. This tool could be used as guide for solving the short answer questions after completion of each unit in the class room.

Use of embedded system makes the device affordable and portable as the cost involved in development is less as compared to the PC/Laptop. As number of students in language stream is less, Institutes can provide multiple copies of this tool to the students without spending huge amount. These portable devices could be used for assessment and evaluation of other subjects as well by just changing the Microcontroller Chip for the other language subjects. Use of embedded system in teaching and learning languages would attract the students to enroll to language learning courses, and boost their interest in learning. Experience of working with technology would open the doors of opportunities of jobs in Media, Language oriented educational system development.