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S. Katti

Fergusson College (INDIA)
This paper presents the Idea of virtual Digital electronics laboratory. The virtual digital electronics Laboratory has been developed for the new learners of Digital Electronics. Logic diagrams of Basic gates and other digital circuits such as Multiplexers, Demultiplxers, Flip flops , Registers and counters have been simulated using C graphics. These logic circuits are interactive logic circuits. Users are able to verify the truth tables for these circuits by entering the inputs . Output of these logic circuits are derived by using logical eqations which are used to design Digital logic circuits. This virtual laboratory helps the teachers to make the subject more understandable and interesting. Simple menu driven software is just used to give basic Idea of the digital electronics to the learners. This virtual laboratory was democstrated to teachers for class room teaching. The virtual laboratory was executed using the power point link. This virtual laboratory was found to be very useful and effective This virtual laboratory could be used as material for open source learning and distance learning.