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S. Katti1, M. Palkar2

1Fergusson College (INDIA)
2Garware College,Pune (INDIA)
It has been observed that technological evolution in the field of education has made the learning and teaching process more interesting and more effective. Technology has given opportunities to the people to adopt various means of teaching and learning to make the learners well versed with the desired specialisation. Use of web technology, computers, Mobile learning devices have made teaching and learning more advanced.
Uses of technological tools such as virtual classrooms, computer graphics, simulations, games not only help learners to grasp the subject more quickly and easily, but also enhance the interest of the students as well as teachers.
It has been also observed that the students are more interested in experimentation than classrooms. They like to spend more time in Laboratory. This suggests that while teaching in a classroom more stress must be given on use of teaching methods which involve experimentations in the relevant subject.
As per as technical subjects learning is concerned virtual classrooms can help students to understand concepts up to some extent but real laboratory could not be replaced entirely by virtual laboratory. As it can’t make the students perfect in the technical skill. After learning an experiment virtually when an experiment is actually performed in the laboratory then students definitely find it easy to perform.
This paper presents the use of preliminary digital laboratory developed to give hands on experience of handling digital circuit. 89c51 microcontroller based preliminary digital electronics lab has been designed to demonstrate the working of basic digital gates as AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR gates, flip flops. Multiplexer, Demultiplxer, counters, registers etc. This laboratory is S cost effective and could be used as a supporting tool for classroom teaching as well as personal Portable digital laboratory.