T. Karademir1, M. Cicek2, G. Yurttas3, G. Kumlu3

1Ankara University (TURKEY)
2Middle East Technical University (METU) (TURKEY)
3Gazi University (TURKEY)
In recent years, with the help of rapidly developing and altering technologies in the education sphere, new learning styles have begun to be applied in educational environments. Mobile learning, that is one of those new learning methods, has gained momentum within its advantage of making education possible regardless of the classroom environment. Moreover, Mobile Learning can be used both for supporting the traditional learning (Yang et al., 2004) and facilitating the distance education (Barbara et al., 2005). In the light of those significances of ML (Mobile Learning), the essential focus of this study is to explore ML in order to determine the perceptions of mobile learning of university students. The finite sample of this research has been randomly selected among university students studying at different universities such as Middle East Technical University, Ankara University, and Gazi University in Turkey. For the research design, survey research method has been used for collecting the data in order to be able to reach the results of the current study.