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N. Kara, K. Cagiltay

Middle East Technical University (TURKEY)
Rapid developments in technology have made important changes in the field of education. Robotic developments, also, are being adapted to the learning environments. Since several studies related to using robotic materials in learning environments have been conducted increasingly, robotic mediums are seen as an alternative process to enhance the some skills of students. From this view, the purpose of this case study was to identify approaches of students to robotic clubs. In this respect, 10 students joined robotic club at a private school in Turkey and a teacher of this robotic club, who is responsible for using robotic materials in this robotic club participated the study. To collect data, interview with students, aiming to analyze students’ reasons to participate the robotic club and their studies in this learning environment was used. In addition, interview with robotic club’s teacher was used in order to analyze his opinions toward robotic club and observations as to students’ perceptions toward this robotic club. Results showed that robotic clubs are preferred by boys more than girls and girls are not guided to participate robotic clubs. Detailed results will be presented at the end of the paper.