S. Kappas, D. Tsolis

University of Patras (GREECE)
Increasing demand for certified Lifelong-Learning Qualifications during the last decade has led to the rapid development of remunerated e-learning programmes by several Greek Universities. On the other hand, there have been no MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) created that utilize the Greek University Lifelong-Learning Centres’ experience on Distance Learning. The aim of our research is to suggest a coordinated training framework for Secondary Education Teachers that makes use of the University MOOCs background experience.

The axis of our research is Coursity, the only MOOCs platform launched by a University Lifelong-Learning Centre in April 2017. We record its main features and we analyze the EdX platform it deploys, both on a Pedagogical as well as on a Technological level. Our aim is to compare and contrast Coursity with the existing Mathesis which also offers MOOC courses and makes use of EdX. Next, we compare both of these platforms to the Open eClass Learning Management System (LMS) used by the Universities΄Open Courses and we put forward methods to convert these Courses into MOOCs. Additionally, we investigate the cost, the required attendance time and the Certification of the MOOCs.

Our research brings forth University MOOCs practices fitting to be utilized for the conversion of specific Open Courses into MOOCs and, especially, for the coordinated training of Secondary Education Teachers. Moreover, a methodology is suggested so as to invest the MOOCs in question with interactive features based on the connectivist learning theory, steering clear of the dominant behaviouristic features of existing MOOCs.