E. Kalemi1, L. Toti2

1University of Tirana (ALBANIA)
Albanian authors over the years have developed many publications in various scientific fields. All these constitute a major asset for the country and it is necessary and useful to better archive and manage. This article consists in the construction of an information system for storing and intelligently managing all kind of publications, categories and different fields in our country and beyond. This system will reflect the past editions and will serve as a deposit for maintaining knowledge of the present publication as an asset for the future. There can be stored scientific articles, publications of texts books, artwork, etc. On this article will also be presented the method of application of technologies that provides the Semantic Web in building information systems and, more specifically, in the system of scientific publications, and will be exposed and the advantages of their application. The system will be built by ontologies and will be enriched with logical rules, which will help it to function as a knowledge-based system which, except stores information, is able to understand and generate new information for us.