J. Kadnár

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology (SLOVAKIA)
Studying a foreign language is one of the most important parts of a university study. Slovakia, as a member of European Union, has understood that the necessity of graduates' language competence will increase year by year. Thus, those students who want to meet the market's demands should study at least one foreign language. When English has become the most used language in daily communication worldwide, the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava (Slovakia) decided to provide all the students of the faculty new subject "Technical English". Technical English is a two level English course. Its syllabus covers the core language that students need to be successful in all fields of technical and industrial work. After 3 years of Technical English implementation the faculty decided to find out the students' opinions on Technical English itself. The main aim of the research was to find out what kind of teaching methods students like, what topics students like and dislike during the lessons and the reason of that, how they evaluate Technical English as a subject and what would the students recommend a teacher to meet their demands. The survey was realised in February 2011 and more than 130 students participated in the survey. Within the questionnaire method they evaluated their opinions on teaching Technical English. The results of the survey are interpreted in the paper. This topic has been solved within KEGA Project 031-035 STU-4/2010: "Models of project-based learning at secondary vocational schools".