Information and communication technology is transforming teaching processes by providing very useful tools at higher education levels, and incorporating resources into teaching practices that will allow the generation of virtual training environments, free of time restrictions and non-dependent on the space required for face-to-face teaching.
Chroma Key literally means colour key and corresponds to the component of the video signal that carries colour. It consists of an electronic process that combines the output signals from two or more cameras with one another, and/or with other external sources, obtaining as a result a uniform and visually undetectable mixture.
There is no doubt that the rapid transformation that society is undergoing as a result of technological advances, is causing a huge impact on teaching methods at university. We report our experience with this technology for visualisation, in which we have incorporated virtual scenarios that afford a greater visual attraction to teaching presentations. For this reason, our aim is to use these digital audiovisual resources that enable an innovative way of teaching as alternative teaching methods that will end in attractive and efficient approaches for medical training in the current society, using easy-to-use technological methodologies.
With respect to methodology, the process carried out is based on the fact that the recording system does not only work with two different sources, a primary and a secondary one, but that it possesses an electronic device able to detect the signal of a given colour, which is generally green or blue. If it receives the signal, it disconnects the recording it is making through the primary sources and replaces it with the signal from the secondary source. Evidently, the greater the capacity of the device in disconnecting the blue or green zones without affecting the other chromatic ranges, and, above all, those close to them, the better the quality of the final product. In this study, we used a virtual brainstorm set system, with a 5600 ºk cold light illumination apparatus for chroma, a green infinite cyclorama system with 7 m of background and 10 m depth (4.60 m high) and a Panasonic E.860L camera. The software was Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 with the Matrox RTX. 100 hardware and software
The management of this audiovisual technology as a communication tool, facilitated the creation of attractive teaching environments, integrating training materials that improve the attention of the user (student) in their learning process, and offering an excellent means to transmit teaching contents.
The use of technological training methods and the visualization of knowledge, together with the exploration of their teaching possibilities, lie within the sphere of our teaching responsibility and are a constant challenge to be met by both professionals linked to the teaching sphere and those in charge of elaborating and developing technological applications aimed at optimizing learning.