I. Jonek-Kowalska, K. Wodarski

The Silesian University of Technology (POLAND)
The development of universities and their internal units (faculties, departments) largely depends on employee involvement in each aspect of their activities including: education, research and organizational projects. In this context human resources management in higher education is just as important as in the private sector. Nevertheless, it requires diverse approach, firstly due to operating in public sector and secondly due to specifics of academic work.

Taking into account the above premises, we decided to examine the barriers to employee involvement in the development of academic units in Poland, that is also important for one more reason concerning Poland as the emerging economy in which the level and achievements of higher education are crucial for closing distance to the developed countries. In response to the need of continuous advancement of HR management, in the article we present the results of the survey undertaken in one of Polish public technical universities. The survey was conducted among 90 academic teachers employed at one of the faculties at this university. The main aim of the research was to identify the most important barriers to employee involvement in the development of the faculty and to estimate their onerousness. The results show that the most important barriers are: the lack of employment stability, underappreciating of didactic and organizational activities and the excess of didactic procedures.

The presentation of research results is preceded by the insight from Polish higher education system and its development and is summarized by some advices at strengthening the employee involvement in the development of the examined academic unit.