D. Johnston

Antioch University Los Angeles (UNITED STATES)
The paper describes the national multi-campus educational system of Antioch University – a progressive institution with a nearly 160 year history in the U.S. – and addresses the particular governance, educational, and organizational issues that this structure presents as the institution approaches its 2013 re-affirmation of accreditation review with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The balancing of central oversight and campus autonomy as well as the challenges of a singularly accredited University system with five strong regionally distinctive campuses in four states are addressed. The organizational structure for the re-affirmation of accreditation process at the system and campus levels is described in detail as are issues of University and campus leadership. The evidence gathering, Self-Study Report writing, and iterative campus review processes are described, and a re-affirmation of accreditation schedule of activities is provided. The goal of the paper is to chronicle comprehensively how one distinctive U.S. higher education institution is addressing its re-affirmation of accreditation responsibilities. [Organizational charts and other supporting material will be provided during the presentation at the conference.]