M.I. Jiménez Gómez, D. Rodríguez Merino

University of Valladolid (SPAIN)
Degree final project is the last subject, and also the only subject really close to real world work in industrial engineering degree. This fact makes this subject very interesting to apply new pedagogical strategies to improve the students’ knowledge and their skills for their success in work. And for it, we see necessary to incorporate at this time of students learning, the last new advances in real technical projects managing that engineers have to involve in. Nowadays the new form to develop projects in engineering is based on Building Information Modelling (BIM), which offers a global system of managing all the necessary information to do the projects and to realize them completely. The use of this modelling form is wide extended in some countries in Europe and around the world. Our students have to be well prepared to work with this new methodology that changes the old style of doing projects. The change is really large, so we think that the first subject where we could apply the change is the degree final project indeed. In this work we present a methodology for tutoring the degree final project students, in industrial engineering, to incorporate this BIM modelling in their own project developing. That is why we have designed and developed a pedagogical strategy for this aim, because the tutoring required for our final project students is quite different of any other subject in this degree. This subject can be understood as the main bridge between university and work life, so it is important to perform it specifically with responsibility in the contents and in the learning process too. Our challenge has been that students achieve the knowledge level in the new modelling form that companies require and also, that these students feel satisfied with their own work and their developed skills.