M.I. Jiménez Gómez

University of Valladolid (SPAIN)
In industrial engineering, the subject called Projects requires to achieve high level knowledge and demonstrate good results in the practical part too, based on the developing of a complete technical project, including the entire writing of the documents and the implementation of the project objective. Also, the students have to learn and improve some skills that are really necessary as engineers in the complex and wide industrial technical project world. That is why the evaluation of this subject needs specifically more evaluation tools than only the theory exam and the practise work made in group. The evaluation tool required consists in the evaluation of all the skills that students have to show and develop in this subject as they are learning it. However, this type of evaluation is quite difficult to do, and this difficulty is comparable to these skills teaching and learning. This work presents the analysis, design and develops of a model to evaluate all the skills required for this subject, technical projects in industrial engineering. A global methodology to evaluate all the skills has been made for this aim. So, it has been realized a single tool for the evaluation of all the skills, based on the considering of all the parameters related with the whole set of skills. The methodology showed in this work, which constitutes an evaluation system specifically to evaluate skills learning, is valid to be applied to other subjects of similar nature in other degrees. A set of parameters was studied and chosen to elaborate the global tool that allows to measure the learning level, the knowledge acquired and how the students can apply the achieved skills. The perception of the students was considered too, based on their knowledge level and how they see the teaching methodology and the evaluation system.